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Alexandre Goldszal

Oil Facilities

Alexandre Goldszal - Exploration Production - Total

Alexandre Goldszal - Petroleum Architect 

Alexandre, who earned a degree from the École supérieure de physique et de chimie industrielles (ESPCI Paris), joined the Group in 1996 and began his career working on flow assurance issues for crudes in Block 17 in Angola.

After spending time at the Lacq plant, in 2004 he went abroad to work in Gabon, Norway and Canada. There, he held several different positions in operations, research and new technology testing.

In 2013, he began working as a petroleum architect at the corporate headquarters. More specifically, he focused on the issues involved in enhanced oil recovery (EOR), with his main responsibility being to reduce costs for the projects that implement these technologies.



  • Promoting and implementing technological innovation for Total’s industrial projects has always been a priority for Alexandre; he won an innovation award in 2001 for his work on preventing sodium naphthenates in Block 17, industrializing the LedaFlow® transitory polyphasic flows in Norway, and testing new technologies in Canada.


Patents and publications

  • Alexandre has co-authored three patents and around twenty articles for international publications.