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Antoine Jacques


Antoine Jacques - Exploration Production – Total

Antoine Jacques - Research Reservoir Engineer

Antoine joined the Group in 1988 as a junior reservoir engineer in the Netherlands, after graduating with engineering degrees from (Polytech Sorbonne and the IFP School. He then specialized in reservoir engineering, holding various positions both in France and abroad, notably working on HP/HT exploration wells on Elgin and mature field monitoring in the U.K. and on complex infill wells in Angola.

After being appointed Special Reservoir Studies Team leader in Venezuela in 2002, he returned to our French headquarters in 2005 as Reservoir Leader on the Research Project on Tight Gas Reservoirs. He then went on to work as Geosciences Manager for TIGF (gas storage in southwestern France). His current position is Reservoir Leader on the Research Project on Tight Oil and Gas Shales, where he is in charge of developing low-cost acquisition techniques.

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