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Béatrice Ducastel


Béatrice Ducastel - Exploration Production - Total

Béatrice Ducastel - Research Engineer in Soils & Subsurface Waters

With two Master’s Degrees in Physical-Chemical Analysis and Quality Management, Béatrice completed her PhD in Biophysics in 1996 (University Paris XI – Orsay), with her thesis on “Studies of Iron Losses by Cell under the Influence of Nitrogen Monoxide”.

She joined Total in 1999 as Quality Assurance Deputy Manager. After a few positions in QSE Management Systems and Product Quality for the Refining & Marketing segment, she was then appointed in 2008 as Environmental Reporting Manager for the Exploration & Production segment. From 2015 to 2018, she was head of Environment and Industrial Hygiene for our TABK affiliate.

She is now a Research Engineer in Total's Research Center in Lacq (PERL), located in the South of France. She works on Soils and Subsurface Waters, and manages the Adychats pilot for Dynamic Characterization of Groundwaters.

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