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Bert De Groot


Bert De Groot - Exploration Production - Total

Bert de Groot - Safety and Hygiene Manager

Bert started work in 2000 with Gaz de France production Nederland, as a process operator with the core function of operating and staffing offshore gas production islands, for control, maintenance and start up activities. In 2001, Bert was appointed operator-B1 on the main complex of Gaz the France, dealing with process monitoring and accompaniment during shutdown activities. In 2002, he was promoted to operator-A, looking after; the realization of the day production and distribution of gas to meet desired volumes and specification requirements, the release of activities on the platform by means of work permits to ensure the safety of employees, the control of compliance with  applicable law - and legislation concerning safety, health, environment, etc.

Bert started at Total Exploration & Production Netherlands in 2005, where he was appointed Senior Plant Technician, ensuring that operational activities were carried out in compliance with HSEQ requirements, and to meet both the daily gas nomination, and the required gas quality.

In 2010 he became offshore HSE advisor, assisting the O.I.M or management in application of the HSE policy, participating in the preparation of works and operations, checking enforcement of measures and prescriptive procedures and Safety guidelines etc.

Between 2013 and 2015, Bert’s career path included several departments and responsibilities within Total Exploration & Production Netherlands, in engineering and construction, HSE, production support, maintenance support, inspection and corrosion, etc.

In 2015, Bert became Safety and Hygiene Manager (RSESD) / Installation Supervisor L4 field, vested with the authority from the Managing Director to enforce the company SHEQ policy and HSE Management System on sites.

He was appointed Genius project team leader in 2017, ensuring that day to day activities were carried out, providing support to Genius team members and providing offshore production operations personnel with direct technical support.

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