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Bertrand Césaire

Unconventional Resources

Bertrand Césaire - Drilling & Wells Manager

Bertrand graduated from the École Centrale de Nantes and joined Total in 1996 as part of the logistics team in the Drilling, Wells & Logistics discipline. He followed the in-house Drilling engineer program, starting with IFP training in 1998, and going on to junior supervision positions on onshore and offshore drilling sites (in Scotland, Bolivia, Iran and Myanmar). He then worked in different operational jobs as a Drilling & Wells engineer, in Scotland, Nigeria and Venezuela.

Between 2006 and 2009, he was an auditor in the Holding’s Audit Division, carrying out assignments in all of Total’s branches. He returned to the Drilling & Wells discipline and filled several management positions in Norway, working on OBO and R&D topics, then in Italy, as Drilling & Logistics Manager for the Tempa Rossa project.

Back at headquarters in 2015, he conducted a cross-functional study to examine whether Total’s post-Macondo investments are sufficient to manage subsea blow-out risks. The results of his study were used as a basis for the construction of a roadmap on the management of that major risk.

He is now in charge of Unconventionnal Drilling & Wells, which is focusing on reducing drilling costs (industrialization, improvement of technical standards) and optimizing hydraulic fracturing (SRV optimization).

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Unconventional Resources

Our Vaca Muerta Project in Argentina