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Edmond Poyol

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Edmond Poyol - Exploration Production - Total

Edmond Poyol - Senior Principal Technician of the Geomechanics laboratory 

Edmond has a technological university degree in chemical engineering from the Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse.

He has been working in the Total group for 37 years. He started in refining before moving on to Exploration Production, where he held the position of laboratory technician for the Reservoir/Wellbore Interface department of the Drilling & Wells division.

In 1983, after further training at the LCPC, Polytech Lille and IFP, he supervised the development of the new Geomechanics laboratory. He is now the Senior Principal Technician, serving as an expert on new tests, new equipment and related investments.

Edmond was instrumental in introducing a whole range of new tests:

The hollow cylinder test: he participated in and contributed his experience to tests for a research project carried out in the Sintef laboratories of Norway.

The micro-indentation test, which required several assignments in affiliates, including work with Terratek in Salt Lake City, where he mapped the mechanical damage around perforations in different types of rocks.

With the University of Minnesota, he fine-tuned and developed the scratch test (a mobile device for continuous mechanical resistance measurements on cores). He is a specialist in this type of measurement and has co-authored several articles on the subject. He has routinely used this equipment in several affiliates, more particularly while on a one-month assignment with Vniigaz in Moscow, working on the Shtokman project, and during an assignment with Shell, where he helped commission a similar device.

The multi-triax test: after perfecting this test in the Centre et Scientifique Technique Jean Féger (CSTJF) geomechanics laboratory, Edmond spent one month at the Moscow Institute of Mechanics, sharing his know-how on this type of measurement and supervising testing on Shtokman samples.

Integrated scratch test: he is the co-inventor of two patents filed as part of the tool’s development.

In 2015, he went to the MIT to evaluate the potential of the triaxial cell, an R&D investment as part of the Shale Gas project.

Since 2016, he has been serving as laboratory technical adviser for the set up and development of the STCA (Slurry To Cement Analyzer) cell.

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