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Frédéric Cailly


Frédéric Cailly - Exploration Production - Total

Frédéric Cailly - Manager of 4D Seismic Monitoring

Frédéric holds a degree in geology from the ENSG (French graduate school of geology) and a degree in geophysics from the ENSPM (IFP School), and was hired by the French Petroleum Institute in 2000. He started out in the R&D department working on seismic reservoir characterization, then joined the consulting branch (Beicip-Franlab).

He started his career with Total as a reservoir geophysicist in 2003, and soon left on expat to Nigeria (Port Harcourt then Lagos). After time spent in Great Britain, he was then appointed to Total Exploration & Production Congo as 2G manager for the Miocene developments of the Moho-Bilondo operating permit (Mobim, Bilondo, Moho Nord).

Since 2014, he has been in charge of the 4D seismic monitoring service in Total.

He has authored and co-authored several publications on seismic reservoir characterization and 4D seismic data interpretation.


In the Forefront of 4D Seismic Monitoring