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Frédéric Risler

Drilling & Wells

Frédéric Risler - Exploration & Production - Total

Frédéric Risler - Well Examiner

Frédéric is a chemical technician who graduated from the IUT Chimie in Strasbourg. He joined Total in 1981 in the production laboratory. After 11 years in charge of PVT analyzes and a 18-month training course, he became a petroleum engineer.

He gradually discovered the many facets of the Drilling & Wells profession. From 1993 to 1996, he oversaw light intervention operations in the United Arab Emirates, work over in Argentina and then completion drilling in Venezuela. From 1997, as a well engineer, he was in charge of all drilling and well activities, reservoir management and the production laboratory for the Hamra field in Algeria.

From 2003 to 2009, he successively held the positions of well performance superintendent, in the South sector, then in the North sector in Congo, with a specialization in improving the service life of electric downhole pumps. He then moved to Nigeria in 2009 as well superintendent in charge of well performance and well integrity, on fields OML99/100/102, before returning to Congo as a completion engineer on work over operations with the Pulling Unit .

He continued his career in the Congo, as a senior completion engineer, then a completion specialist and finally a rigless superintendent on the conventional asset wells in the Congo. In 2019, he became Well Examiner, in charge of new technologies and the training of young engineers.

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