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Guillaume Pottier


Guillaume Pottier - Petroleum Engineer & Technical Coordinator for Yamal LNG

Guillaume is a petroleum engineer and graduate of Mines ParisTech and the IFP School (ENSPM). He joined Total in 1996 as a Reservoir Engineer.He then took charge of the Multidisciplinary Geosciences teams (geophysics, geology and deposits), working on mature fields and new projects at the head office and abroad.

In 2011 he expanded his area of expertise, becoming a Planning and Development Engineer (or “Petroleum Architect”). He also coordinated several redevelopment studies for mature fields in Gabon.

Since 2014 he has been based out of Moscow (Russia), working as the technical coordinator for Yamal LNG.

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  • Leading Geoscience feasibility studies for the Moho Nord development project (Congo): the deep offshore development of two areas, Albian and Tertiary; studies conducted simultaneously by two geology-geophysics-deposit teams as part of an integrated feasibility group.
  • Coordinating redevelopment studies for mature fields in Gabon: compressing additional offshore gas, replacing obsolete living quarters, investigating a minimalist well platform, and studying low-cost pipes.

  • Providing technical monitoring for the entire Yamal LNG project on behalf of Total, one of the shareholders—covering not only the Construction phase, from drilling the wells to building the LNG plant and infrastructure, but also the Operations phase, including the commissioning and start-up of the facilities as well as the actual operations. As such, he takes part in the Yamal LNG technical committees.



  • Contributed to an article published by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG): “Increasing the Confidence in Undrilled Panels: A Case Study Using Calibrated AVA/LMR Analysis”, Audrey Neau, Jean-Luc Piazza, Pascal Debec, Guillaume Pottier, Nigel Williams, 2011.

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