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Leon Sperling


Léon Sperling - Exploration Production - Total

Leon Sperling - HSEQ Manager

Leon first worked for Total in 2006, as a contractor with Farbricom Oil & Gas, as an engineer, performing maintenance engineering and maintenance management activities on an Integrated Service Contract for Total.

In 2008 he joined Total directly and from 2008 to 2012, Leon became Team leader Methods, Planning and SAP and was in charge of coordinating the maintenance department daily, long term as well as shutdown planning.

In 2012, Leon was appointed Offshore Field Engineer, and performed field development studies, process optimization and troubleshooting, as well as water and debottlenecking analysis and project commissioning handover.

As a Senior Production Engineer and Genius project leader, a position that Leon filled from 2015 to 2016 to develop the Genius project, he managed the integrated operations and collaboration room project to improve OEFF and HSEQ performance.

He became Deputy Project Leader of the Palamo project in 2017 and reorganized the project, this following changes resulting from the low gas price and reduced production figures, optimized OPEX plus a revised operating mode.

Leon is now Head of Mining Installation on the RSES offshore project, and as such has HSEQ and budget responsibility, as well as being manager for 5 to 10 Total FTE and 10 to 20 contracted FTE’s.

Leon holds a Master of Science in Oil and Gas Engineering from the Robert Gordon University.

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