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Marc Girard


Marc Girard - Seismic Data Acquisition Advisor

A graduate of the IFP School, where he majored in geophysics, Marc Girard has been with Total for 35 years, mainly as a manager of onshore projects around the world.

He began his career in 1983 as a technician with Elf Aquitaine Production working in the France Research & Synthesis Division, where he provided support to data interpreters. He then served as a seismic data processing technician until 1992, when he began his career in seismic operations.

From 1992 on, he headed seismic data acquisition operations for projects in Tunisia, Gabon, Oman, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Peru and Venezuela.  From 1998 to 2013 he was operations manager in Syria and subsequently Chief Geophysicist in Yemen and Algeria.

Marc was named head of seismic data acquisition in 2014, with responsibility for project planning and monitoring of technical and operational issues.

As an advisor since 2016, he provides support to the affiliates and the regional Exploration, Deposits and MTG teams on all matters related to seismic data acquisition. He also assists with updating reference documentation and training Total geophysicists, with support from specialists on the data acquisition team. In addition, he monitors R&D and the latest innovations in the field of seismic data acquisition.

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