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Philippe Blanc


Philippe Blanc - Exploration-Production - Total

Philippe Blanc - R&D Exploration & Production - Environmental & Social Issues project

Philippe is a chemical engineer with a diploma from the Strasbourg's École nationale supérieure de chimie. He also holds a doctorate in geochemistry from Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg.

He joined the Exploration & Production division of Total in 1998 as the manager of the fluids and organic chemistry laboratory, and then went on to work in the acquisition and interpretation of gas shows while drilling (GWD), before joining the HSE division in 2005.

After coordinating the HSE reporting tools roll-out for the Exploration & Production division, developing the Safety Culture methodology and acquiring expertise in operational safety at Lacq, he joined the Arctic group in 2012 as HSE manager, then transitioned to R&D in 2014 to work on the Environmental and Social Issues project of the Sustainable Development R&D programme.



After leading research actions in the areas of Extreme Cold and Oil Spill Preparedness & Response, Philippe leads the Exploration-Production R&D actions in the areas of Environmental Monitoring of aquatic environments and restoration of degraded marine ecosystems.

There, the challenge is to find a way to better manage the environmental risks associated with our operations through technological innovation and knowledge acquisition in areas such as:

  • environmental monitoring solutions that are more effective, faster and less expensive, such as the use of bivalves equipped with sensors, hyperspectral underwater imaging or molecular or genetic characterisation techniques (metagenomics / environmental DNA);
  • environmental mitigation solutions, including the development of artificial reefs or new materials that encourage the recolonisation of affected habitats;
  • solutions to prevent and reduce noise impacts on marine species linked to our operations (construction, seismic, etc.).



Philippe is the representative for Total on the JIP Sound and Marine Life Executive Committee of the IOGP (International Association of Oil & Gas Producers).



Philippe has written many articles, particularly in the oil and gas field: speeches at SPE, EAGE, World Petroleum Congress, International Oil Spill Conference, etc. on the topics of organic geochemistry and isotopes, Gas While Drilling, HSE and Environmental R&D.

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