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Pierre-Jean Bibet

Deep Offshore

Pierre-Jean Bibet - Multistage and Centrifugal Pumps (MCP) Specialist

Pierre-Jean is an engineer and graduate of the École supérieure de l’énergie et des matériaux – ESEM (School of engineering materials and energies) at PolyTech Orléans. He began working for Snecma (Safran Group) in 1986 before joining Sulzer Pompes France in 1995. There, he served as head of technical services for the Customer support department, and later for "multistage pump" products.

In 2003, he joined Total's Rotating equipment department (TEC/MTH) and became a technical adviser for pumps.

Since 2005, he has brought valuable expertise to both land and marine multistage pump projects, while also providing technical follow-up for R&D pump systems development and certification programmes, responding to the challenges Total faces.

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  • Pierre-Jean Bibet launched the hybrid-pump design for Pazflor's subsea separation system, then spearheaded the project's development (started in September 2011).
  • He was also involved in developing MPP High Boost, which made it possible to launch the GirRI project (started in September 2015).

Deep Offshore

Flow Assurance with Multiphase Pumps