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Rémi Demange

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Rémi Demange - Exploration & Production - Total

Rémi Demange - Piping, Valves and Pressure Vessels Specialist

Rémi is an engineer and graduated from the École Supérieure de Mécanique de Marseille, with a specialty in Structural Mechanics. He began his career in 2002 with Fives Nordon, an industrial piping prefabrication and installation company for the thermal and nuclear energies and also oil and gas sectors.

After he held various engineering positions in France and Finland, Rémi was recruited by Total Exploration & Production in 2011 as a Piping-Valves-Pressure vessels technologist. In this capacity, he assists the subsidiaries and intervenes at all stages of project development on all subjects relating to his specialty.

Seconded to Total Exploration & Production Netherlands, he embarked on an innovation project on the digitization of material certificates and participated for the first time in the Best Innovators in 2020.

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Best Innovators

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