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Ridha Zegdane

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Ridha Zegdane - Exploration & Production - Total

Ridha Zegdane - Senior Data Scientist

Ridha is a geological engineer and graduated from the National School of Geology of Nancy (ENSG) with a specialization in Digital Geology. He began his career in the Middle East as a consultant developer within one of the main geo-modeling software editors.

In 2010, he joined Total as an IT project manager and participated in the transformation of the historic Sismage-CIG geophysical interpretation platform. At the border between geology and IT, his guideline is to support users to better express their needs and to deploy sustainable software solutions.

Passionate about new technologies and artificial intelligence, Ridha has been evolving since 2017 in the Data Valuation team within the Information System for Business division. He is also a member of the DrillX team as Lead Data Scientist, a finalist project of Best Innovators 2020.

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Best Innovators

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