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Sylvain Thibeau


Sylvain Thibeau - Exploration Production - Total

Sylvain Thibeau - Expert in Geological Storage of CO2

Sylvain, a former Physics student of École Normale Supérieure (Paris), earned his PhD in the field of Numerical Fluid Mechanics from University Paris VI in 1993.

He joined Total in 1993 and has held various positions as a reservoir engineer before starting to work on geological storage of CO2 in 2000, focusing primarily on understanding the Sleipner CO2 storage project (flow modeling, gravimetric monitoring and geochemical impacts). He has held several positions in Research and Development then in development entities where he has led Total’s operational studies on CO2 storage, including coordinating the geoscientific and reservoir evaluations of the Lacq demonstrator pilot.

He was appointed expert of CO2 storage and acid gas reinjection in 2011. Sylvain has published more than 30 papers on geological storage of CO2, and is co-editor of two books (Best Practice for the Storage of CO2 in Saline Formations and Results of the CO2 storage demonstration pilot in Lacq-Rousse).

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Spearheading the Development of CO2 Storage